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 #   Test Type   Taken by   Vendor   Haplogroup   Number/Name   Test date   Most distant ancestor   Most recent common ancestor   Test ID   Test Group 
1 atDNA MOTYER, John Mark
Ancestry  Y = R-Y16863
mt = I2
000-0000-0000-8P2C    9 None
2 atDNA More MOTYER, John Mark
FTDNA  Y = R-Y16863
mt = I2
74027    7 None
3 atDNA More GEORGE, James William
Ancestry   mt = I2000-0000-0000-0000    8 None
4 atDNA More BENJAMIN, Lisa Claire "Ginny"
Ancestry   mt = U2e1000-0000-0000-0000    12 None
5 mtDNA More MOTYER, John Mark
23andMe  I258-2615-0409-2704   SHERIDAN, Elizabeth

          b. 1868  
          d. Yes -date unknown
 1 None
6 mtDNA More MOTYER, John Mark
FTDNA  I274027   SHERIDAN, Elizabeth

          b. 1868  
          d. Yes -date unknown
 5 None
7 mtDNA BENJAMIN, Lisa Claire "Ginny"
23andMe  U2e100000000000000    2 None
8 Y-DNA- MOTYER, John Mark
23andMe  R-L5158261504092704   MOTYER, Joseph
          d. Mar 1779
 6 None
9 Y-DNA-111 MOTYER, John Mark
FTDNA  R-Y1686374027   MOTYER, Joseph
          d. Mar 1779
 3 None
10 Y-DNA-700 MOTYER, John Mark
FTDNA  R-Y1686374027   MOTYER, Joseph
          d. Mar 1779
 4 None