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Paget Parish, Bermuda


Notes: Paget Parish is one of the nine parishes of Bermuda. It is named for William Paget, 4th Baron Paget de Beaudesert (1572–1629).

The parish is located in the central south of the island chain, immediately south of Hamilton Harbour on the main island. It is joined to Warwick Parish in the south-west, and Devonshire Parish in the north-east. As with most of Bermuda's parishes, it covers just over 2.3 square miles (about 6.0 km² or 1500 acres).

Natural features in Paget include Hamilton Harbor, Coral Beach, Elbow Beach, and Grape Bay, as well as Salt Kettle, a peninsula which protects the approach to Hamilton Harbour, and Hinson's Island, which though geographically closer to Warwick Parish, is part of Paget. The island's only hospital, King Edward VII Memorial, is in Paget.

Other notable features of Paget include the Bermuda College and the Bermuda Division of the British Red Cross.

Latitude: 32.281074 N, Longitude: 64.7784787 W


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Charles  31 Mar 1953Paget Parish, Bermuda I4435
2 BARTLETT, Richard Dennis   I4410
3 BARTLETT, Susan Elizabeth   I4418
4 BOLING, Leslie Noble   I4014
5 BROWN, Beryl Elizabeth   I6005
6 BROWN, Dervla Lewis   I6003
7 BROWN, Ellen Burton   I5963
8 BROWN, Margaret Frances   I6007
9 BROWN, Melissa Ann   I6010
10 BROWN, Oisin Frederick  Paget Parish, Bermuda I6000
11 BROWN, Tiarian Yates  Paget Parish, Bermuda I6001
12 BROWN, Warren Archiebald Hoadley Jr.  Paget Parish, Bermuda I5998
13 BROWN, Warren Ruairi McSweeney  MayPaget Parish, Bermuda I6002
14 CARTER, Dennis   I5485
15 CARTER, Dennis Winston Franklin Jr.   I4314
16 CARTER, Matthew   I5486
17 COOPER, Arthur James  27 Jan 1960Paget Parish, Bermuda I5146
18 COOPER, Charles Forster Alexander   I4794
19 COOPER, Christopher Kirkland Buchanan   I5506
20 COOPER, Frank Howard Score   I4753
21 COOPER, Harriett Vaughan   I4791
22 COOPER, Joseph Cyril "Hooks"   I2334
23 COOPER, Joy  1 Sep 1940Paget Parish, Bermuda I4610
24 COOPER, Karen Gayle   I5147
25 COOPER, Lorraine Marie "Lorri"   I5150
26 COOPER, Mary Louise   I4792
27 COOPER, Nicholas Oliver Sunsbach   I5507
28 COOPER, Phillip Alexander Buchanan   I4800
29 COOPER, Phillip Alexander Robert   I5505
30 COOPER, Saramin Elspeth   I4759
31 CRAIGIE, Eva "Joan" Frederica   I4701
32 DESILVA, Michael Charles   I4424
33 DESILVA, Stephen Daniel   I4423
34 DICKINSON, Dr. John Bennet Jr.   I4515
35 DICKINSON, Sally   I4509
36 DOE, Catalina Elizabeth "Betty"  12 May 1917Paget Parish, Bermuda I2315
37 DOE, Imogene Clingham "Daisy"  3 Apr 1879Paget Parish, Bermuda I3875
38 DOE, Learmont Anstice "Earlston"  7 Mar 1916Paget Parish, Bermuda I2314
39 DOE, Rev. William Anstice Earlston  7 Jul 1888Paget Parish, Bermuda I1073
40 EXCELL, Mary "Fay"   I2345
41 FIEDLER, Reimar Maximilian Walker "Max"   I122
42 FRITH, Isaiah  Abt 1765Paget Parish, Bermuda I4442
43 FULLER, Mary Elizabeth   I4661
44 GIBBONS, Anne Elizabeth  24 Sep 1927Paget Parish, Bermuda I4172
45 GIBBONS, Barbara Welsh   I4130
46 GIBBONS, Edith Lambert   I4114
47 GIBBONS, Edmund Graham "Grant" III   I4107
48 GIBBONS, Harold Elvyn Jr.   I4095
49 GIBBONS, Jennifer Ann "Jenny"   I4103
50 GIBBONS, Sir John "David"   I4112

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 JONES, Ann  4 Dec 1748Paget Parish, Bermuda I3652
2 MIDDLETON, Annie Lightbourn  6 Aug 1884Paget Parish, Bermuda I3676
3 MIDDLETON, Louisa Muriel Ross  25 May 1881Paget Parish, Bermuda I3675
4 MIDDLETON, Ormond Jones  9 Nov 1873Paget Parish, Bermuda I3668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASTWOOD, Daniel Jr.  21 Jan 1793Paget Parish, Bermuda I3757
2 ASTWOOD, Jane Catlin  14 Jul 1904Paget Parish, Bermuda I3834
3 ASTWOOD, Jeffrey Burgess  2 Sep 1952Paget Parish, Bermuda I3866
4 BARTLETT, Charles  31 Mar 1953Paget Parish, Bermuda I4435
5 BASCOME, Benjamin  10 Sep 1806Paget Parish, Bermuda I3648
6 BROWN, Warren Archiebald Hoadley Sr.  25 Dec 2014Paget Parish, Bermuda I5995
7 COOPER, Arthur Henry Masters  7 Jul 1988Paget Parish, Bermuda I4788
8 COOPER, Arthur James  27 Jan 1960Paget Parish, Bermuda I5146
9 COOPER, Catalina Inglis "Tina"  25 Mar 1977Paget Parish, Bermuda I1078
10 COOPER, Dudley Grey  26 Jul 1986Paget Parish, Bermuda I4731
11 COOPER, Elmer Ellsworth Jr.  20 Nov 1984Paget Parish, Bermuda I4638
12 COOPER, Emily Davis "Dory"  17 Apr 1971Paget Parish, Bermuda I2957
13 COOPER, Ernest Stowe  5 Mar 1987Paget Parish, Bermuda I4601
14 COOPER, George Alsford Siggins  30 Sep 1987Paget Parish, Bermuda I4639
15 COOPER, Herman Leslie  5 Apr 1951Paget Parish, Bermuda I2388
16 COOPER, John Francis "Johnny"  19 Aug 1967Paget Parish, Bermuda I1080
17 COOPER, Josiah "Henry"  21 Jun 1937Paget Parish, Bermuda I4783
18 COOPER, Joy  2 Sep 1940Paget Parish, Bermuda I4610
19 COOPER, Orville Jr.  9 Sep 1925Paget Parish, Bermuda I4584
20 DOE, Rev. William Anstice Earlston  10 Feb 1952Paget Parish, Bermuda I1073
21 DOUGLAS, Helen Lorraine  Aug 1991Paget Parish, Bermuda I4689
22 FOX, William Middleton  13 Sep 1940Paget Parish, Bermuda I4823
23 FRITH, Kitsey J.  16 Jul 1890Paget Parish, Bermuda I1088
24 GIBBONS, Edna Irene  21 Dec 1972Paget Parish, Bermuda I2996
25 GIBBONS, Edwin Llewelyn "Lew"  29 Oct 1948Paget Parish, Bermuda I2987
26 GIBBONS, Elizabeth "Ella" Pitt  21 May 1953Paget Parish, Bermuda I6181
27 GIBBONS, Harold Elvyn  7 Dec 1966Paget Parish, Bermuda I2989
28 GIBBONS, Joseph Edwin "Eddie"  5 Aug 1946Paget Parish, Bermuda I2986
29 GIBBONS, Norma Doris  30 Oct 1995Paget Parish, Bermuda I4084
30 GIBBONS, Winifred Ann  1 Jun 1931Paget Parish, Bermuda I4123
31 GUERRA, Jose Emilio Santinio De Campos  19 Sep 2008Paget Parish, Bermuda I124
32 GUEST, Alberta Edna "Berta"  8 May 1944Paget Parish, Bermuda I2980
33 HAYWARD, Benjamin "John" Jr.  30 May 1999Paget Parish, Bermuda I2342
34 HAYWARD, Lt. Benjamin Harley  23 Dec 1943Paget Parish, Bermuda I1079
35 HAYWARD, Robert William "Bobby"  14 Apr 1948Paget Parish, Bermuda I2353
36 HINSON, Sarah Z.  26 Feb 1853Paget Parish, Bermuda I3655
37 HOWARD, Catherine Elizabeth  9 Aug 1928Paget Parish, Bermuda I4646
38 HUGHES, Charles William  1 Aug 1941Paget Parish, Bermuda I4278
39 JONES, Ann  9 Sep 1761Paget Parish, Bermuda I6176
40 JONES, Daniel  Bef 27 Oct 1761Paget Parish, Bermuda I6175
41 JONES, George  Bef 27 Oct 1796Paget Parish, Bermuda I6177
42 JONES, George Albert  21 Jun 1921Paget Parish, Bermuda I6151
43 JONES, Harley Leonard  23 Jul 1953Paget Parish, Bermuda I5997
44 JONES, Hattie Pearl  1 Jan 1988Paget Parish, Bermuda I5973
45 JONES, John  19 Feb 1801Paget Parish, Bermuda I3030
46 JONES, William Henry  2 Jun 1830Paget Parish, Bermuda I3711
47 KEMP, Hattie Lilian  18 Aug 1985Paget Parish, Bermuda I4656
48 KEMP, Julian William  12 Nov 1985Paget Parish, Bermuda I4690
49 KEMP, Royle St. George Lumley  15 May 1975Paget Parish, Bermuda I4658
50 KEMP, Stanton Leon  7 Jun 1981Paget Parish, Bermuda I4688

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Baptism Site

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism Site    Person ID 
1 JONES, Ann  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3652
2 MIDDLETON, Annie Lightbourn  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3676
3 MIDDLETON, Louisa Muriel Ross  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3675
4 MIDDLETON, Ormond Jones  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3668

Birth Site

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Site    Person ID 
1 ADCOCK, Dorothy Louise   I4648
2 COOPER, Adam Daniel   I4735
3 COOPER, Annette Elizabeth   I4728
4 COOPER, Cameron Luke   I4737
5 COOPER, Charles Forster Alexander   I4794
6 COOPER, Christina Hutchings   I4808
7 COOPER, Dana Elizabeth   I4801
8 COOPER, Dorothy Elsie   I4744
9 COOPER, Elizabeth Graham   I4805
10 COOPER, Frank Howard Score   I4753
11 COOPER, Gordon Patrick   I4736
12 COOPER, Harriett Vaughan   I4791
13 COOPER, Helen Elizabeth   I4802
14 COOPER, Joan Stowe   I4607
15 COOPER, John Howard   I4733
16 COOPER, Joy  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4610
17 COOPER, Juliet Ann "Judy"   I4719
18 COOPER, Mary Louise   I4792
19 COOPER, Ora Maurine North   I4724
20 COOPER, Peter Somers   I4811
21 COOPER, Phillip Alexander Buchanan   I4800
22 COOPER, Reed Talmadge   I4709
23 COOPER, Rosalind Mary "Roz"   I4748
24 COOPER, Saramin Elspeth   I4759
25 COOPER, Walter Oakshot "North"   I4714
26 EXCELL, Mary "Fay"   I2345
27 FULLER, Mary Elizabeth   I4661
28 GIBBONS, James Llewellyn   I4120
29 GIBBONS, John "David" Jr.   I4119
30 GIBBONS, William Thomas "Tom"   I4118
31 HAYWARD, Benjamin "John" Jr.  Paget Parish, Bermuda I2342
32 HAYWARD, Benjamin John "Ben"  Paget Parish, Bermuda I2340
33 HAYWARD, Donna Lee   I2346
34 HAYWARD, Lauren Fay   I2348
35 HAYWARD, Lawrence "Keith"   I2344
36 HAYWARD, Paul Anthony   I2349
37 HAYWARD, Richmond Harley "Dick"   I2350
38 HAYWARD, Richmond Harley "Rick" Jr.   I2351
39 HAYWARD, Robert William "Bobby"  Paget Parish, Bermuda I2353
40 HAYWARD, Sharon Lee  Paget Parish, Bermuda I2352
41 HAYWARD, Warren Robert   I2343
42 HUTCHINGS, Barbara Ann   I4804
43 KEMP, Ann Louise  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4651
44 KEMP, Catherine E.   I4652
45 KEMP, David William   I5493
46 KEMP, Howard William  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4649
47 KEMP, Keith Alyn   I5492
48 KEMP, Michael L.   I4653
49 KEMP, Morris James  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4650
50 KEMP, Royle St. George Lumley Jr.  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4660

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID 
1 HINSON, Sarah Z.  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3655
2 JONES, Sarah Augusta  2 May 1883Paget Parish, Bermuda I3709
3 JONES, William Riddell  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3656
4 MIDDLETON, John  12 Jul 1876Paget Parish, Bermuda I3674
5 MIDDLETON, Oswald  12 Jul 1876Paget Parish, Bermuda I3673
6 TRIMINGHAM, Frederick Francis  1 Aug 1866Paget Parish, Bermuda I3710

Death Site

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Site    Person ID 
1 ASTWOOD, Jane Catlin  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3834
2 COOPER, Arthur Henry Masters  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4788
3 COOPER, Dudley Grey  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4731
4 COOPER, Elmer Ellsworth Jr.  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4638
5 COOPER, Ernest Stowe  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4601
6 COOPER, George Alsford Siggins  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4639
7 COOPER, Joy  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4610
8 COOPER, Orville Jr.  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4584
9 DOUGLAS, Helen Lorraine  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4689
10 FOX, William Middleton  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4823
11 GIBBONS, Edwin Llewelyn "Lew"  Paget Parish, Bermuda I2987
12 HAYWARD, Benjamin "John" Jr.  Paget Parish, Bermuda I2342
13 HAYWARD, Lt. Benjamin Harley  Paget Parish, Bermuda I1079
14 HAYWARD, Robert William "Bobby"  Paget Parish, Bermuda I2353
15 HOWARD, Catherine Elizabeth  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4646
16 JONES, Harley Leonard  Paget Parish, Bermuda I5997
17 KEMP, Hattie Lilian  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4656
18 KEMP, Royle St. George Lumley  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4658
19 KEMP, Stuart Martin  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4647
20 MASTERS, Walter Orville  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4523
21 PRATT, Helen Bishop  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4662
22 RIDLEY, Charles Jr.  Paget Parish, Bermuda I4657
23 SIBLEY, Melita "Valerie"  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3598
24 TRIMINGHAM, Frederick Francis  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3710
25 WADSON, Edmund Powell  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3791
26 WADSON, John Perot  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 MOTYER, Myrtle Clare  Paget Parish, Bermuda I77
2 MOTYER, Myrtle Clare  1939Paget Parish, Bermuda I77


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 COOK, Walter Donald Charles   I3671
2 DOE, Henry Anstice  Bef 1913Paget Parish, Bermuda I5073
3 HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth "Bessie" Patterson  1905Paget Parish, Bermuda I3840
4 JONES, George Albert  Paget Parish, Bermuda I6151
5 JONES, Harley Leonard  Paget Parish, Bermuda I5997
6 JONES, Hattie Pearl  Paget Parish, Bermuda I5973
7 JONES, Sarah Augusta  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3709
8 LOCHWARD, Henry III  1905Paget Parish, Bermuda I3839
9 MIDDLETON, Annie Lightbourn  1884Paget Parish, Bermuda I3676
10 MIDDLETON, Helen Mary Sainthill  1875Paget Parish, Bermuda I3672
11 MIDDLETON, Louisa Muriel Ross  1881Paget Parish, Bermuda I3675
12 MIDDLETON, Ormond Jones  1873Paget Parish, Bermuda I3668
13 MIDDLETON, Ormond Tucker  1873Paget Parish, Bermuda I3667
14 MIDDLETON, Oswald  1876Paget Parish, Bermuda I3673
15 TRIMINGHAM, Frederick Francis  Paget Parish, Bermuda I3710


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURGESS / TUCKER  3 Nov 1864Paget Parish, Bermuda F1205
3 GREEN / SIBLEY   F1174
4 HILL / JONES  9 May 1839Paget Parish, Bermuda F1183
5 INGHAM / LOBLEIN  13 Nov 1907Paget Parish, Bermuda F1264
6 MARRIOTT / JONES  6 Jul 1843Paget Parish, Bermuda F1194
7 MIDDLETON / JONES  5 Dec 1872Paget Parish, Bermuda F1186
9 TRIMINGHAM / JONES  1 Dec 1853Paget Parish, Bermuda F1199
10 WALL / HUGHES  18 Mar 1914Paget Parish, Bermuda F1389
11 WHITE / COOPER   F1535

Marriage Site

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage Site    Family ID 
2 HILL / JONES  Paget Parish, Bermuda F1183
3 INGHAM / LOBLEIN  Paget Parish, Bermuda F1264
4 MIDDLETON / JONES  Paget Parish, Bermuda F1186
5 TRIMINGHAM / JONES  Paget Parish, Bermuda F1199
6 WHITE / COOPER   F1535